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As part of my ongoing advice for writers from a writing consultant series, I’d like to discuss beta reading, critique partners, editors
and more on today’s post!

When a book is written and a writer has put the final finishing touches on the manuscript, the writing process is still not completed. That’s because every book needs a reader. The first reader is the author. This is an incredibly exciting time. Many writers dread edits, but it’s thrilling to think that you are the first person in the entire world to ever read this book.

Beyond the writer herself or himself, though, who next reads the book?

A beta reader is someone who reads the book to give overall impressions. This person, presumably, does not know about the story beforehand. Have a big reveal? See if it works on your beta reader. Beta readers can be friends, family members or other colleagues.

You can also hire a professional beta reader, who will be skilled in understanding the mechanics of a story.

A critique partner (often abbreviated to CP) is someone who is also a writer and functions as a beta reader and editor (sometimes) for the manuscript. This is an exchange process. You review each other’s manuscripts.
Although many people find this useful, remember please that your goal is to make your writing stronger. Therefore, you need someone who is further along in the process to read your work. This can become tricky since it’s an exchange. Critique partners thus can be a step, but probably won’t be your best final step. An exception to this is if you are both already successful in your writing careers.

An editor is someone who professionally improves writing. Ideally, that editor has years of experience and may even be trained as a writing teacher. They may perform a content edit, a copy edit (proofreading) or a full edit, that includes all.

For all of your editing needs, including professional beta reading, visit Extra Ink Edits. I’d be honored to read your writing and help you.

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