April 20, 2022

Easy way to make your writing better? Don’t end two sentences in a row with the same word, unless you’re making a specific repetition point. It lifts the writing and helps keep it from falling flat. For all your editing needs, email me at [email protected] My best to you all, Megan  

August 25, 2017

Hello!Today I’d like to share another excerpt of my writing tips book with you. This comes from Chapter Seven: Easy Ways to Improve your Writing. Five Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Your Writing Stronger 1. Have I engaged all senses?Many authors write what can be seen. Have you included taste, touch, sound and smell…

August 18, 2017

Hello!Today, I’d like to share with you a section of my writing tips book on conflict. This comes from Chapter One: Essential tools for the Writer. Plot is essentially what happens in the story. Conflict is what propels the plot. In the excerpt below, I’ve outlined the five major types of conflict for you. It…

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