Five For Friday: Five Questions to Ask yourself to Make Your Writing Stronger

Today I’d like to share another excerpt of my writing tips book with you. This comes from Chapter Seven: Easy Ways to Improve your Writing.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Your Writing Stronger

1. Have I engaged all senses?
Many authors write what can be seen. Have you included taste, touch, sound and smell as well?

2. Are characters speaking in dialogue or monologue?
For realistic conversation, make sure that your characters are speaking to each other, not at each other. Speaking at each other = series of monologues and not conversation.

3. Have my characters changed in some measurable way?
Plot builds character in books. It’s important to show how the plot has changed your characters and how they have grown or developed by the end. If your character is static, this is a problem.

4. Is there enough suspense?
Even if you are not writing suspense, thriller or mystery, you don’t want the plotting, pacing, and outcomes to be obvious. Good writing leads to the reader thinking. Make sure that you offer enough questions, twists and variety to let your readers think.

5. Is this in the best shape possible?
Yes, agents and publishers may change aspects of your story. But, don’t wait for others to strengthen your writing. Make it as strong as it can be. If you know that it still needs work, that can hinder you getting the attention you need. Be willing to receive help from others, but get your work in the absolute best shape possible. If you need professional help, contact me. I’ve helped other authors secure publishing contracts, get agent attention, and strengthen their work. I’d be honored to help you with your writing!

My best to you all,

P.S. Did you hear the exciting news?
Flight Before Dawn, my first novel and a bestseller, is now an audiobook! My narrator did an amazing job and it’s available on Amazon and Audible. Itunes coming soon! 

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