What Spring in the Garden teaches for Life and for Writing

It’s Spring. This weekend was sunny enough to return to the garden. After it’s slept for months under the warm blankets of dried grasses, the ground underneath called out to be freed. Pulling away the grasses, that naturally bend over to shield the earth from the harsh winter, also uncovered the stone border that separates the flowers from the grass. As I turned over each stone, a host of bugs swarmed through the dirt, showing that not all life had left the garden for the winter. There was an abundance of movement, of squirming just out of sight. Even the stones, that moments before were not visible, were still there.

The foundation of anything- be it in real life or a story remains there. Even when weeds seem to be in the way, in the form of obstacles or uncertainty, the stones do not disintegrate. They remain there. Even under the stones, forces can be at work, tiny bringer of life, of fulfilment. So if you’re feeling discouraged ever, pause to remember that even the garden is at work when it appears to be sleeping.

And in terms of writing, my tip for you would be to stir lively interest not only on the surface level, but under the action as well. Make the foundation, the bones of your story, dependable but include surprises just lurking below, ready to awaken, to be turned over and for spring to bloom.

My best to you all,

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