Happy New Year!

Tonight we become time travelers and journey from 2015 into an exciting new year: 2016!

As the new year approaches, I think over the past year. I’m happy to report that I kept my New Year’s resolution! Last year, I decided that I was going to write a poem each week and a short story each month in addition to my regular writing. Yesterday, I wrote the last poem of the year. It’s been fun and interesting writing in different genres through the short stories and writing about the different seasons and holidays through my poems.

When I taught writing to college students, I recommended that they write in a variety of areas. This builds skill, voice and character into the writing. If you’re looking to expand your writing this year, then I’d recommend trying your hand at a writing challenge. It doesn’t have to be anything huge to be valuable. Maybe you want to write a poem a month or maybe five short stories across the year. Whatever you choose, good luck!

How you celebrate the day sets the tone for the new year. There are many traditions in place. Here are mine– Fireworks with Big Ben, Ballet and Classical Music with the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra and roses with the Rose Bowl Parade. Each year, I watch these events on TV and I think that they’re a great start to the new year- fireworks in one of my favorite and neighbor cities, ballet, music and roses.
What are your traditions?

May your New Year be full of everything wonderful- good health, good friends, good family, love, joy, prosperity, peace and dreams come true!

Happy 2016!
My best to you all,

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