Happy Birthday, Vivian!


It’s August 1st and that means it’s Vivian Harris’s birthday.
Who’s Vivian Harris? She’s one of the central characters in my newest release, Painted Faces. Longing to exchange farm dust for stardust, she seeks out the bright lights of Hollywood! The year is 1938 and anything is possible… even encountering a new worldview, encompassing somewhere as far away as Budapest.

Here’s the opening page from Painted Faces

August 1, 1938
There’s nothing wrong with Kansas. I should know. I lived there my whole life. The only thing is, I have dreams that are gigantic and in Kansas my dreams just don’t fit. You know how Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz books, (By the way, MGM’s filming that this year) is lifted out of Kansas into an extraordinary world and suddenly there’s magical creatures and new friends but also dangers she never could have imagined? That’s me. Except that, I’m not a fictional character, even though I love them, particularly those on the silver screen. I’m real.
I’m Vivian Blanche Harris and less than a year ago, I would have thought that The Wizard of Oz was only a book. I also would have never thought that somewhere as far away as Budapest could have any bearing on my life. Europe existed as a foggy, over there place. It might have been Camelot for all I knew about it.
But, that was then. That was before. Before what you ask? Before everything. Before I disappointed my family and friends. Before I dared to dream bigger than I ever have. Before I learned that the horror of the films in the theater pales in comparison to the reality that can be encountered in the world and is often far from obvious. After all, the movies are in black and white and we live in color. Each day, I’m discovering another facet of that color. The twenty candles on my cake today remind me of all those possibilities, as I pause to reflect on all that I’ve wished for and all that’s happened.

My best to you all,

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