Writer Wednesday with Nubian Pharaohs

It’s time for Writer Wednesday, when I discuss another author and his or her book.

Today, we’re diving into archaeology and ancient history with Nubian Pharaohs: Black Kings on the Nile by Charles Bonnet.

Pharaohs normally conjure images of Egypt and pyramids. In this book by the leading French archaeologist, Charles Bonnet, another version of pyramids and Pharaohs is explored. These belong to Nubia- to the city of Kerma- and to the region that rests in present day Sudan. Here the kings looked more like southern Africans than Egyptians. Here too the pottery, the tombs and the statues were different. It’s fascinating exploring the similarities and differences that these Pharaohs shared with their Egyptian neighbors. At times, these statutes were purposefully destroyed, at other times the cultures were heavily influenced from each other. Nubian history is not only a story of Nubia, but of Egypt and what Egypt wanted remembered and forgot.

My Coursera Certificate for
The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Coursera. One class that I recently completed was “The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia” through Emory University.

This book was the perfect companion to that class and provides many beautiful full color photographs to help bring this little known history to life!

Happy Exploring!

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