Writer Wednesday: The Secret Garden


On Writer Wednesday, I discuss another author and his or her book. Today’s pick is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
Several years ago, I saw the movie of this. I knew it was one of the books that I wanted to read this summer. Gardens and summer naturally go together.

Photo of the Secret Garden Book Cover on Writer Wednesday Blog Post from Writing Consultant and Author Megan Easley-WalshAs I read this story, it was absolutely charming and delightful! There’s a magic to this book that has to do with much more than a garden growing behind a locked and hidden door. It begins with Mary Lennox in India. Much like the garden that she will later find, Mary is also overlooked and tucked away. Her journey of discovery, when she is forced to move to the countryside in Yorkshire, England sees the world unfolding around Mary. The friends that she meets and the lives that she changes are like the sleeping garden in the winter that need the warmth and sun of spring to blossom fully alive again.

One particular part of the story I liked was when the robin befriends her, as I had a robin visit me in the garden as I was planting flower seeds as well They really do chirp around you and seem as if they are speaking to you.

This book has found its place among some of my favorite classics. Would you like to read it? You can do so for free! It’s available on Project Gutenberg.

Have you read The Secret Garden? What books do you think are great for summer? What are some of your favorite classics?

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