Writer Wednesday- Scientific Firsts


It’s time for Writer Wednesday, where I discuss another author and his or her work. Today, I’d like to talk about scientific firsts. This year, I’ve read two works that explore some of the first scientists. 

The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill is a work of historical fiction that explores the fascinating story of Hannah Price, a fictitious person who is based on Maria Mitchell, the first woman to discover a comet. 
The second book, Roger Bacon: The First Scientist by Brian Clegg, is a work of nonfiction and discusses the 13th century academic and scientist Roger Bacon. Both explore scientific discovery, examine what compels one to seek knowledge and tell captivating stories of persons who broke the bonds of those before them and championed science to new heights. In reaching for the stars by pursuing the challenges of new discoveries, knowledge and the height of humanity can be grasped. Reading and writing capture a bit of that spirit of discovery and ignite sparkling encounters with such figures as Maria Mitchell and Roger Bacon.

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