Writer Wednesday: Histories of Nations

It’s time for “Writer Wednesday”, when I discuss another author and his or her book.

Histories of Nations: How their Identities were Forged is fascinating! Divided into twenty-eight chapters, one for each country, the book gives a history of several nations- both east and west, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, north and south, rich and poor, well-known stories and those that are not as commonly told. What makes this book so interesting is that each country’s history is written by a historian from that country. Each historian tells his or her story of his or her country. The country is seen through the guise of the citizen historian. Some countries enthusiastically embrace their histories, clinging to them for their national identity. Others are anxious to be rid of history and forge a new future. Most fall somewhere in between. In order to survive, a country must move forward but the past is unable to remain in the past. It is more than what has happened; it constructs and informs the citizens’ view of themselves and of their nation and of their place within the wider world. Understanding not only what has happened historically, but also how each country views those events is an invaluable tool for international relations and makes for some very interesting reading!

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