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BBC History Magazine on Writer Wednesday from Extra Ink Edits,Writing Consultant and Professional Freelance Editor Providing Editing Services for Writers including Query Critique and Help for "Edit my Novel"On Writer Wednesday, I discuss another author and his or her book.
On today’s Writer Wednesday, I’m discussing a magazine: BBC’s History. This magazine is a new addition to my book store’s magazine section.

The front cover of the magazine jumped out at me, as the April issue commemorates 400 years since Shakespeare’s passing. This issue also had several history book reviews, told why the Romans ruled the world, had an article on Hadrian’s wall, and discussed Georgian earthquakes, among other things. One of the most interesting parts was an exploration into the political hidden meanings of Shakespeare’s plays. The magazine was a nice mix of several different historical periods presented in an engaging format.

After enjoying this issue, I picked up the May issue and look forward to reading it as well.

Have you read this magazine? Do you have a favorite history magazine? Which magazines do you read?

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