Watching for the Christmas Star

Each year I write a Christmas poem.
 I was requested to read this year’s poem at a carol and lesson service yesterday.
 Today, I am sharing it with you. 

Watching for the Christmas Star
By: Megan Easley-Walsh 
Christmas 2013

Will you watch for the Christmas star?
Will you remember that it’s not so far?

From the fields they stand in awe
As they raise their cheerful “baa”

King of prophets, Lord of Love,”
Proclaim the angels from realms above

Manifest here in cradled appearance
As God on High now draws nears us

Tucked inside the weary stable
The Carpenter of a tired world is able

Sheep bleat, birds cried
Below them, darkness is defied

Pause, then, see the Christmas star
Transforming light, where’er you are

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