Waltz of Light and Sea

I entered Writer’s Digest poetry contest the other day, with my first attempt at a triversen. A triversen is a poem of six stanzas, composed of three lines each, where each stanza creates a sentence. It was developed by the poet William Carlos Williams.

Waltz of Light and Sea
By: Megan Easley-Walsh
April 2014
The sea upon
the shore awaits
the glowing dawn.
Beyond the scattered pebbles
craters beckon to
the skipping tides.
Stillness sweeps the sands
and gentle waves
keep time as metronomes.
Beaming light
waltzes across
the opalescent dance floor.
Serenades of seagulls
call out in song
to dancing shells below.
Euphoric notes of water
raise their hands
to the depths of the sky.

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