Top 10 Tuesday- TV Shows

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Today’s Top 10 Tuesday from the Broke and the Bookish is about another form of media than books.

So, here are my top 10 favorite TV shows currently in no particular order. (Currently doesn’t mean they are presently on air.)

1. History Detectives
(Also the new History Detectives Special Investigations)

Solving the mysteries of history
 with historians, auctioneers and experts
2. Antiques Roadshow
Appraisal of antiques from the nation’s experts 

3. Gilmore Girls
Any book-related list must include Rory Gilmore
 and her mountainous collection of books!

4. I Love Lucy
Oh, how I love Lucy! 

5. Heartland
A family’s horse ranch in Alberta, Canada 

6. Murdoch Mysteries
Turn of the century detectives in Toronto 

7. Bargain Hunt 
Two teams each with £300 pounds compete to make the most profit
 in an auction by selling three items with the help of an expert 

8. Mr. Ed
Who wouldn’t love a talking horse?

9. Meet the Press/ Click

                                                (Really more news programs than tv shows)

 Famous Washington round table of the top current events 
All the latest on technological news from the BBC  


10. Master Chef 
Cooking competition extravaganza! 

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