Top 10 Books for the Beach this summer

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Since I live beside the sea, I suppose that in one way or another, all of my reading is on or at least near the beach. Here then are ten books that I plan to read this summer, in no particular order!

1) The War that Ended Peace– Margaret MacMillan (Currently about 1/2 way through this)

2) The Last Runaway– Tracy Chevalier 

3) Z: A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald– Therese Anne Fowler

4) Washington: A Life– Ron Chernow (to be completed as well)

5) I Am Rembrandt’s Daughter– Lynn Cullen 

6) Paradise Lost– John Milton 

7) First Family: Abigail and John Adams– Joseph Ellis

8) Juliet– Anne Fortier 

9) Emma– Jane Austen

10) Research… whatever form this may take as new stories emerge!

Join me tomorrow when I begin a look at classic literary debuts, in preparation for the countdown to my debut of Across the River.

My best to you all,

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