Pardon Us Ms. Writer

April is Poetry Month.
I’ve always loved writing poetry, as far back as I can remember.

A few years ago, I wrote a book of poetry for family and friends. Its title comes from this poem.

This story really did happen. I was sitting in my college English drama class when the words started spilling out into my notebook. Here, unchanged, is that conversation between me and the words in alternating stanzas…

Pardon Us Ms. Writer
I’m not writing today.
I haven’t the time.
Besides, what would I say?
Honestly now
You must listen to me!
Suppress yourselves hurry!
Do it now please.
Hey, wait a minute
We’re important too
Ha! That you think
We would listen to you?
You get to live and speak when you will
While we, we must wait
‘Till you let your pen spill
All right, All right I know that it’s true
But I haven’t the time
I have too much to do
I promise you later, later I’ll write
Just be patient ’til then
You’ll get your plight
Haha! Victory boys, we’ve done it again!
Jumped into the ink, danced out of the pen
We’ve tricked her and though it may not be right
We’ve broken free, we’ve made her write
Yes, victory boys, we’ve done it again
Pardon us, Miss Writer
Game over. We win!
Do you enjoy poetry as well? Feel free to leave a poem, one of your own or a favorite, in the comments below. 

My best to you all,

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