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In October 1884, the world united to decide on a single Prime Meridian. Twenty-six nations gathered in Washington D.C. in order to unify the map system and the time system.

As a student of historical International Relations, I was delighted to learn more about this period of history. A precursor to the United Nations and the League of Nations, this showed promise for international cooperation.

My sixth historical novel, Meridian, debuts around the world today. The International Meridian Conference serves as the backdrop for the story. Just as the conference brought together nations from around the world, Meridian unites characters from Africa, France, China, England, San Francisco, Germany, and New York City in intertwining stories in Washington D.C. Suffragettes, diamond miners, journalists, tea merchants, ship captains, and architects. It may seem as if they have little in common, but their lives will soon cross in unexpected ways.

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