15 Years Ago and Being a Light in the Darkness

A friend on Facebook asked where we were fifteen years ago. Here’s what I said…

I had just come home on the bus from high school in Germany. We were out of school for days and the Air Force base was in the highest threat condition. Germans brought flowers to the gates. We lived near France and had friends in France who said, “we are all New Yorkers”. When we went back to school, we sat in class and just talked. A group of students from my school had visited NY and the WTC towers the year before. One of the girls said she kept thinking about the elevator man that they’d met and wondered if he was all right. My uncle was also at the Pentagon at the time, though thankfully he was unharmed. For me, it completely changed day-to-day life. Armed guards started riding the bus with us to school. Tanks guarded the front of our gates.

#Neverforget is trending today. Of course we never forget. It still shocks. Let us stand together in peace. For all of them. For all of us.

I write historical fiction, because my own studies have shown that we must learn from the past and I am committed to peace. I have written previous posts on the topic.

In church this morning, we sang, “Lord the Light of Your Love is shining, in the midst of the darkness shining.” It is my prayer, my hope, that we may all be joined in our humanity through love, through peace, through light. All people, of all religions or no religion, ought to have the opportunity of living in the light of peace.

It is my hope that through my writing, and in living, my words and my actions may be a candle adding to the light in a sometimes seemingly very dark world. At night it seems very dark, but the sun never stops shining. Earth simply turns its back on the light for a moment. We must not turn our backs to the light. We must remember that light is stronger than dark. Always. United our light can shine brighter.

Wishing you Light and Peace,
My best to you all,

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