Hearts in the Cards

Sometimes the future needs a little help from the past...
They fell in love at Christmas. Time to take the next step.

Eliza Jones and Tom Piper are destined to be together. Last year, thanks to fate, a snowed in train, and a little Christmas magic, they fell in love. A year has passed, long enough for their love and their careers to grow.

Unfortunately, Pine Ridge is still no closer to LA than it was last year. Tom's tree farm in Pine Ridge isn't portable. Not to mention, he's getting used to being mayor, and has the opportunity to make lasting positive changes for Pine Ridge. Likewise, Eliza has incredible opportunities working as a photographer for Harris Cards in LA. Having so many good things in their lives isn't a problem. But it does give Tom pause when he considers if he should propose to Eliza. They both know they want to be together, but where can that occur? Love is definitely in the cards for Eliza and Tom but is an engagement?

Meanwhile, Eliza's newfound success at work presents her with the chance to find the perfect new project. A lucky encounter on a Valentine's visit in Pine Ridge sends Eliza on a centuries-old mystery into the journey of an artist with beauty and magic all her own.

As Eliza and Tom's love story expands, others around them feel the intoxicating magic of falling in love. And where could be more romantic than Paris? All of this and more in the next chapter of the Romance in the Cards series: Hearts in the Cards!



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