When Aurora Woke: The Sequel of While Aurora Slept


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“Fairy tales don’t really ever end. They keep going.
And so does the story of when I woke up. “


Kindle Paperback



Sleeping Beauty is finally awake… now the real adventures begin.
But the dreams still have a powerful hold on her, strong enough to change her life and entire kingdoms.

Philip is grappling with what it means to be a prince, and decides to travel into the Starving Lands. Joined by Midnight, and her advice on being a royal, Aurora, and Tilly the maid, they traverse farther away from the castle than any of them have ventured before.

Will they be able to navigate Aurora’s dreams, and break the curse on the Starving Lands? What happens when Tilly meets an exotic prince, who lives below the sea? And what will happen when Edora must discover a new job and Lenora, the woodsman’s daughter, must meet new friends and new challenges? And, what about Simeon, the hawkman that Aurora met while asleep, does he exist in the world of the waking or is he just a beautiful dream that she will finally have to wake up from?

In the spirit of helping the Starving Lands in this book, $1 of every purchase will be donated to charities that help the needy.