Christmas in the Cards

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Eliza Jones and Tom Piper are destined to be together. 

They just don’t know it yet.


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Eliza, a photographer at an LA card company, is on a mission: to find the perfect old-fashioned authentic Christmas for the winning image on the famous charity card. Meanwhile, in Pine Ridge, Tom operates the Christmas tree farm that his grandfather began sixty years ago and vows to save it from its dwindling business. Before leaving LA, Eliza receives her grandma’s “Recipe for the Perfect Christmas”, a list to inspire her search for the perfect image.

When a snowed in train tunnel lands Eliza in Pine Ridge, she realizes that her grandma’s list is coming true all on its own. Connections to the past continue to multiply, almost as fast as the snow falls. Magic sparkles from the frosty boughs of the pines. Both Eliza and Tom have the power to help each other and their communities and their lives have been entangled far longer than they could imagine. For Eliza and Tom, Christmas and love are quite literally in the cards.