April 20, 2022

Easy way to make your writing better? Don’t end two sentences in a row with the same word, unless you’re making a specific repetition point. It lifts the writing and helps keep it from falling flat. For all your editing needs, email me at [email protected] My best to you all, Megan  

March 18, 2022

Here’s a quick writing tip: Don’t forget all the senses. Many books tell us what things look like, but an experience is richer when you also show what it smells like, what the food tastes like, populate the scenes with sounds, and give us tactile information for how things feel.   My best to you…

March 11, 2022

Hello! I was delighted to receive my copy of Stardust Award Winning Poetry & Songs today from the Hammond House International Literary Prize. My shortlisted poem “The Churn of Dreams” is on pages 20-21, and it’s been illustrated! I look forward to reading the other writers in it.  My best to you all, Megan

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